Frausdots Couture Couture Couture

Brent Rademaker’s musical interests are like a rainbow of flavours. In the late ’80s, he formed noisy dream pop outfit Further with his brother Darren, which eventually led to the Tyde, a band that soaked up twang-y pop by the California beachside. Though he’s known most of all for his role as bassist in cult favourite, alt-country psych-poppers Beachwood Sparks, Rademaker has added another musical direction to his ever-growing résumé. Frausdots is a far stretch from the sounds he’s been tinkering with over the past few years. With the help of cohort Michelle Loiselle, Rademaker has jumped on the ’80s bandwagon beside the likes of Interpol and the Faint, tapping into that niche somewhere between post-punk and new romantic. What is most surprising is how forthright Couture Couture Couture is with its intent to sound so retro. There are blatant traces of Echo & the Bunnymen, Japan, Associates and Joy Division, but this band succeeds nailing that authenticity many bands can’t seem to fashion. This sexy, stylish group of neon-lit pop tunes is a ravishing effort that profits from its confidence as an originator, not a mimic. (Sub Pop)