Franz Ferdinand Reveal Special Edition of Tonight

Franz Ferdinand Reveal Special Edition of <i>Tonight</i>
Scots Franz Ferdinand have been flying pretty low since the release of You Could Have It So Much Better back in 2005, but as they previously told Exclaim!, they're finally ready to emerge with their upcoming third album. Titled Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the album is due on January 27.

In an age where moving physical units is like pulling teeth, Franz Ferdinand have upped the ante with a truly amazing special edition. Sure, you could buy the normal CD version of Tonight but the deluxe pack comes with the CD, as well as a hardcover book, a DVD with a 40-minute documentary on the making of the album, as well as four live performances, a dub version of the album called Blood: Tonight and, the best part, six seven-inch records that contain the entire album! See, you could have it so much better!

There is another special edition that simply packages the dub version with the regular version and of course, this is all available through the good people at Domino and Epic.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand tracklisting:

1. "Ulysses"
2. "Turn It On"
3. "No You Girls Never Know"
4. "Twilight Omens"
5. "Send Him Away"
6. "Live Alone"
7. "Bite Hard"
8. "What She Came For"
9. "Can't Stop Feeling"
10. "Lucid Dreams"
11. "Dream Again"
12. "Katherine Kiss Me"

Franz Ferdinand "Ulysses"