Franz Ferdinand "Lucid Dreams"

Franz Ferdinand "Lucid Dreams"
I don't like posting tracks that aren't downloadable MP3s, YouTube videos or at least featured on a MySpace page, but I felt since it's been three years since we last heard from Franz Ferdinand, this new track that has surfaced is worthy of coverage. And if the embedded player doesn't work the way it promised to, you can just head over to the band's site and give it a spin... ahem, after you give them your email address.

"Lucid Dreams" is what we've come to expect from these Glaswegians: an energetic romp lifted by a tight disco groove and whipsmart lyricism, packaged into a sexed-up and stylish pop song. The riff is robust, the vocals full and delivered by the entire band, and the song is fit for the dance floor; it's exactly the kind of thing we want after the embarrassment of "Do You Want To."

(Notice the vinyl crackles. I'm not sure if that's to prevent hackers from grabbing and leaking the track or just a neat effect to go along with the turntable player.)

Still, it's by no means one of their best, but considering this isn't even a single and merely a donation to Madden 09, which seems a little ironic, considering these four guys together soaking wet probably weigh about 400 pounds, I can only expect that it's a good signifier that we can expect even more from their anticipated third album, which is set for a 2009 release.

I really do wish things worked out between them and Girls Aloud/Kylie/Sugababes producer Brian Higgins, because that "dirty pop" album they originally promised and then shelved could have been marvelous.