The Franklin Cover Up Commercial

Boise, ID DIY punk/hardcore unit the Franklin Cover Up are a group of socially conscious musicians who’ve named themselves after a child prostitution ring that purportedly reaches all the way to the big wigs in Washington, DC. Interesting. And so is their music. The clear influence of Botch-style noise and hardcore rhythms can be found on "The Poster Boy of American Standards,” with a mess of snare and cymbal crashes over eerie, reverberating guitars and grimy, winding riffs. The band continue down the path of the unusual with "Great Tragedy River Ohio,” which sounds somewhat like Fear Before The March of Flames’ Odd How People Shake, with flailing vocals and erratic shifts between guitar tones, spacey effects and an ending with sound bite from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Commercial is bound to garner some attention with it experimental/noisy hardcore sound. (Seven Trumpets)