Frankie Bones You Know My Name

In the techno scene, it is quite hard not to know his name. The CD starts up with a girl talking with the promoter of a rave and asking if Frankie is really there and if it won't get busted - this made me chuckle a bit. It then kicks into Mario Pui's "Communication," a wicked hard kicking new style of techno-trance. With the first track setting the mood and the rest of the tracks following with hard hitting bass, droning snare loops and flawless mixing to go from track to track, this mix is nothing short of awesome. What really impressed me about the CD is the diversity that Mr. Bones mixed. He started off with some kick techno, went into some subtle house, throws in a DJ Funk track (famous for booty house) and ends off with techno again. Truly this man is a DJ, a pioneer and a legend. If you have never heard Frankie Bones before, or are a big fan, don't be stupid and get this flawless disc. (Moonshine)