Frank Turner Planning Hardcore Side-Project

Frank Turner Planning Hardcore Side-Project
With his smooth voice and acoustic plucking, Frank Turner usually leans towards the folkier side of the folk punk tag, but the English singer-songwriter is planning to kick things up a notch sometime soon via a new hardcore group.

Though he's been focused on the soft stuff while promoting his new disc England Keep My Bones, the musician revealed that he's tinkering around with the idea of letting some steam off in a more aggressive venture once his current promotion cycle wraps up.

"I have a concrete plan when I get some time off next year to do a hardcore band again. I'm talking to some people about it, it's coming together," he told NME. "It'll be a side-project, because I'm doing what I want to do now, but I grew up playing heavy music and I want to play it again. Expect that some time next year."

With the idea still in its infancy, it's hard to say whether the project will touch upon the quirky and melodic At the Drive-In leanings of his last band Million Dead, or if Turner's ready to shave his head and start screaming Negative Approach covers. We guess we'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Via Twitter, Turner shed some more light on the hardcore project with the following statement: "For those asking, plans to do a hardcore band next year are real, but it's a side project type thing. Won't interrupt what I'm doing now ... HC band is nothing to do with Million Dead, sorry, that's a closed book. This will be much, much heavier."