Frank Turner "Happy New Year" (ft. Jon Snodgrass)

Frank Turner 'Happy New Year' (ft. Jon Snodgrass)
Okay, so Frank Turner isn't coming to Canada with Dropkick Murphys after all, but we're not bitter. His latest treat is one that we can all enjoy, as the British punk-turned-folkie is giving away a tune to mark the end of 2011.

The song is called "Happy New Year," and as the title suggests, it's a seasonally-themed ditty about the celebrations surrounding Christmas and the new year. It's a duet with songwriter Jon Snodgrass, and the lyrics include some silly but charming quips like "Who's the best fit for the Santa suit? / Got a lot of different dudes to choose." Listen to the strummy folk cut below.

Here's guessing that this ends up on The Third Three Years, if it ever arrives. The outtakes collection The Second Three Years is due out in early 2012.

Happy New Year (Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass) by fthc