Frank Ocean Officially Cancels 'Nostalgia, Lite'

Frank Ocean Officially Cancels 'Nostalgia, Lite'
There have been reports stemming back to last year that Odd Future R&B crooner Frank Ocean would be giving his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape a retooled commercial release through Def Jam Records, but the album has still yet to arrive. Well, here's the final word on the retitled Nostalgia, Lite: it's never coming out.

In an update on Tumblr, Ocean had this to say about the long-delayed release: "Nostalgia, Lite. is never coming out. Hahaha. What I look like a year later re-releasing my last album? Not icey. Bitch I'm icey."

He added, "Only saying that for my journalist/blogger friends. i know my icey-ness is obvious."

In other words, Frank won't be treading water by looking back at the past, and this confirms reports that Nostalgia, Lite had been shelved. Rather, he'll be releasing his proper debut album sometime in the coming months.

Spin reports [via the fansite] that the album will drop in late spring, while music mogul Christopher "Tricky" Stewart told Complex that a summer date was likely.

Stewart had this to say about the album: "Frank has definitely written and produced his record and it's pretty amazing. I think it will be one of the biggest albums to come out in a while, which is very, very special. He's working very hard to finish this album for his fans, so I'm sure it will be soon. It's very highly anticipated in the U.S. and overseas, so he's working hard to get it done. But he's a perfectionist and he's trying to get it right for his fans and for his supporters."

To recap: Nostalgia, Lite, no. New solo album, yes. Stay tuned.