Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape

Frank Ocean <i>Nostalgia, Ultra</i> mixtape
If you've read a blog, watched late-night TV or talked to even the most casual rap fans in the last few months, you will know that the Californian rap crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are in the process of taking over the world with their endless stream of fucked-up hip-hop. Odd Future collaborator Frank Ocean is the latest in the Wolf Gang to unleash a mixtape, with the brand new Nostalgia, Ultra mix.

A post on the Odd Future site reads:

Frank Ocean Just Released His Album NOSTALGIA, Ultra. You Might Have Heard Him On The Mellowhype Album, And Will be Featured On The Upcoming GOBLIN Album. Smooth Ass Music About Bitches, Relationships And Being A Rich Young Nigga…But In A Swagged Out Way... Wolves Know How To Sing Too.

Nostalgia, Ultra can be downloaded here. The zip file also includes word documents with complete lyrics for the album, definitely a nice touch.