Frank Jordan Decoy

Decoy is what happens when amateur musicians with really fervent imaginations come together and work hard with an eye on originality and quality. Named after the notorious ex-mayor of San Francisco that tried to ban outdoor live music, Frank Jordan have unusual structures, a unique sound that lends to comparisons with both the Police and Cake (engineer Joe Johnston, who worked with Cake and the Deftones, may have had something to do with that) and a strange but winning chemistry. Fusing pop and experimental jazz within an impressive, introspective dimensional strata, Frank Jordan consistently leaves the listener guessing. The rhythm is choppy, unpredictable and very tight, the vocals distorted within a wide range of harmonies and the entire complement very tight. A weirdly organic and highly promising debut for a band that has a great future ahead of it, if they keep their focus and songwriting close at hand. (Cornerstone R.A.S.)