Francisco Lopez Untitled #244

Sound artist Francisco Lopez is unparalleled in his explorations of the natural sound world. Travelling the globe, he immerses himself in listening to and recording what uniquely exists in the here and now of each place. Lopez's attention to sonic detail is profound and his jump-cut editing produces unexpected, captivating movement from scene to scene. Untitled #244 evolved from underwater and above-water recordings done in the ParanĂ¡ and Paraguay rivers in Argentina and Paraguay. Over 55 minutes, burbling, sibilance, purring, murmuring, chittering, jittering, sub-woofer rumbling and silence appear, remain present and yield to the next moment in time, all with an invisible, rhythmic, architectural spaciousness. Listening to Lopez's work is meditative, requiring alertness to changes, as well as passivity in not demanding linearity or narrative exposition, but allowing the ebb and flow of real-time sonic ephemera to simply register on the consciousness. Untitled #244 helps one to listen and be. (Sub Rosa)