Franciscan Hobbies Walls Are Stuck

Though walls may be physical barriers to most mortals, they prove to be mere mental obstacles for psych-folk improvisers the Franciscan Hobbies. One of the many projects of the increasingly prolific Jewelled Antler Collective (of which the more song-based and well-known duo the Skygreen Leopards are also an extension), the Franciscan Hobbies walk the noisier paths of psych-folk’s varied forest, opting for more disturbing and otherworldly scraping and jangling sounds over peaceful guitar plucking or meditative field recordings of other such Jewelled Antler projects as Thuja or the Blithe Sons. The various snippets that provide the aural collage-like framework of Walls Are Stuck were recorded by the Collective’s co-founders Loren Chasse and Glenn Donaldson, and Rob Reger, using often junky, sometimes ancient instruments within mostly outdoor locations in and around San Francisco. The results are ultimately timeless as drones weave in and out of each other to create a patchwork of distilled randomness and spiritual articulation. This is music from and for the soul’s inner sanctum. (Music Fellowship)