Francis Bucher Viva La Passion

Francis Bucher grew up in the small, northern mountain town of Smithers, BC. His passion for music would guide his life and permeate the lives of those around him as he became a music teacher and produced a series of albums for children featuring his own material. The hills around Smithers are regularly alive with the sound of his music as it pours out his front door and, on the odd occasion, a coffee house, an old church, or festive gathering. Bucher’s latest is a collection of jazz standards, arrangements, and originals that reflect a merger of at least three musical personalities. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and a little known character, Paquito play off of one another through renditions of "Exactly Like You” and "Oh you Crazy Moon.” Songs like "Jobin” and "Viva La Pasión” primarily showcase the singer’s fondness for Latin music, while the clever rendition of Shel Silverstein’s "Sylvia’s Mother” sees the Sinatra/Bennett personalities jostle for control. Bucher’s adept musicianship has a class and taste that is no where more evident than in the bossa nova inspired "Jobin,” written by Bucher and executed beautifully on this album. If the crisp winter air and pristine beauty of the North aren’t enough to lure you to Smithers, perhaps the warm voice and fine styling of Francis Bucher will. (Independent)