Four Tet Shares Wealth of Rare Material on Twitter

Four Tet Shares Wealth of Rare Material on Twitter
With Christmas less than two weeks away, Four Tet main man Kieran Hebden is evidently getting into the spirit of giving. He just passed 100,000 followers on Twitter and is celebrating by sharing a string of rare tracks.

This morning (December 16), he tweeted, "100k followers very soon... tradition is to give away some music or something right?"

He added, "let me go through the hard drives and see what's there…"

Soon after, he passed 100,000, and the sharing frenzy began. Among the cuts he's shared so far are Four Tet tracks, rhythms from his Percussions project, and various archival material (one collage of beats is labelled "Nov 2000").

We here at Exclaim! haven't heard all of the tracks yet, but as of press time, he's still posting new tracks.

Hebden's still going strong and is showing no signs of slowing down, so fans are advised to go here to get in on the fun.