Four Tet + "Mothers" (ft. Designer) / "Disparate" (ft. Champion)

Four Tet +  "Mothers" (ft. Designer) / "Disparate" (ft. Champion)
English electronic music vet Four Tet has made a commonwealth connection for his latest single, tapping Australian producer Designer to help craft "Mothers." Though a vinyl 12-inch release is forthcoming, you can stream the minimalist shuffle online now.

The nearly eight-minute piece is a slow-burner, which prominently puts of display an sparkling water-fresh, oscillated synth line. Though initially gliding off the boom of a kick drum, the melody is eventually paired with a series of fast-whapped digi hi-hat, synthetic finger snaps and snare smacks.

The due date for the physical version of "Mothers" is unclear, but it will see release via Four Tet's own Text imprint.

Also today, Four Tet shared the new Champion-equipped track "Disparate," which will also be getting a 12-inch release. You can hear that newly shared track below as well.