'Trailer Park Boys' Actress Lucy DeCoutere Accuses Jian Ghomeshi of Sexual Abuse as Even More Women Come Forward

'Trailer Park Boys' Actress Lucy DeCoutere Accuses Jian Ghomeshi of Sexual Abuse as Even More Women Come Forward
The bleak saga of former CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi continues to unfold, revealing more and more grisly details along the way. As of earlier this week, as many as four women had alleged violent sexual assault from the former Q host. Now, four more women have come forward, bringing the total number of accounts to eight.

In its ongoing investigation of Ghomeshi, the Toronto Star has uncovered three more accounts of alleged sexual assault from the media personality. Two of them remain anonymous, but Lucy DeCoutere, an actress best known for her recurring role on Trailer Park Boys, has been willing to identify herself in the allegations.

DeCoutere said she first met Ghomeshi at a Banff television event in 2003. The two became friendly, and she soon visited him again in Toronto. Over dinner, she claimed that he told her how famous he was and "how lucky you are to be with me."

According to the Star, the two went back to his house, where Ghomeshi allegedly pushed her against the wall, slapped her numerous times and choked her. "He did not ask if I was into it. It was never a question. It was shocking to me. The men I have spent time with are loving people," she said, later adding, "It did not escalate; it stopped."

Among the new cases, another woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was a CBC producer based in Montreal who had always dreamed of working for Q. She met Ghomeshi at an event related to his memoir 1982. She claims that Ghomeshi was "forceful" with her, throwing her against the wall and fondling her. She admited to performing fellatio for him "just to get out of there," adding, "I was saying to him, 'I don't want to do this, I want to work for you.'"

As she left, Ghomeshi told her he'd talk to his executive producer about her. Shortly after, she was interviewed for a job at Q, with Ghomeshi present at her meeting. She claimed he texted her to say that she looked sexier than ever at the interview right after it was finished.

For more of details from the investigation, many of which are very disturbing, the Toronto Star piece is available here.

A recurring theme through many of the women's allegations is Big Ears Teddy, a stuffed animal that Ghomeshi had in his home that he'd turn around before allegedly performing these violent sexual acts. "Big Ears Teddy shouldn't see this," he'd allegedly say.

As many have observed, a Twitter account attributed to Big Ears Teddy was active in April, posting 13 tweets that corroborate the claims in the Toronto Star's piece.

As previously reported Wednesday (October 29), in addition to the reporting from the Toronto Star, another anonymous woman shared her story to CBC's As It Happens of alleged abuse from Ghomeshi. Her appearance on the CBC can be streamed below.

Also Wednesday, a petition was launched in support of Ghomeshi's alleged victims. Some of the signees include Fucked Up, members of Constantines (Bry Webb and Steve Lambke), Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Geoff Berner, Jennifer Castle, Simone Schmidt (of Fiver and One Hundred Dollars) and many more.

Following his firing, Ghomeshi is now suing the CBC for $55 million for defamation and breach of trust.