The Foundry Field Recordings Prompts/Miscues

There seems to be a rediscovery of the joys of shoegazer music going on these days. Yet bands like Asobi Seksu are injecting new life into the old girl as they move away from the constraints and throw in different genres to keep things fresh. This Midwestern U.S. band’s debut also adds a little indie into the shoegazer mix, keeping things interesting as they move from feedback-driven melody into a lighter lo-fi indie sound. Combining this lovingly atmospheric feel with Billy Schuh’s bittersweet lyrics and pining voice, this effort is a surprisingly strong start. Though they have the words "field recordings” in their name, there is little reliance on pre-recorded material except at the start. For the most part, there’s a kind of shoegazer romanticism that bleeds through strong tracks like "Warning Raids Over Kiev” or the deliciously noisy "Circuits on Board.” The problem is that their music is lacking the scope it should have. I want these things to be massive and they come out timid. But, generally, the music swells, swoons and has an interesting beauty that will not only have your eyebrows raised but your ears perked.

(Emergency Umbrella, (Emergency Umbrella)