Foundation Foundation

Foundation is essentially Virginian Robbie Huddleston, formerly of punk group Ann Beretta. On this disc, Huddleston leaves blood, sweat and tears on the boards with impassioned singing and playing, which at times sounds like he thinks he'll never get to make another album again. Anthemic tales of toughing it out on the boulevard of broken dreams dominate the disc, songs that wouldn't sound out of place after songs by Springsteen, Black 47 or even Rancid. "Loves Easy Tears," with its "two hearts in Middle America" chorus, may ring cliched at first, but damn it if it isn't catchy as hell. "Eye For An Eye" starts with off some Son Volt-ish guitar, before heading off into a completely different direction. Just as the earnestness starts to get the best of the listener, Foundation signs off appropriately with a sing-along cover of Tom Waits's "Old Shoes." (Fueled by Ramen)