Foster the People Return with 'Supermodel,' Premiere New Single

Foster the People Return with 'Supermodel,' Premiere New Single
Radio-conquering pop-rock act Foster the People have't yet released an album since their 2011 debut Torches and its smash single "Pumped Up Kicks." Now, though, the pop-friendly trio are preparing to follow it up with Supermodel, which will be out this March through Columbia.

This information comes from a listing on iTunes in New Zealand [via Idolator/Oh No They Didn't!]. It's scheduled to come out on March 14, although this is a Friday and albums typically come out in North America on Tuesdays, so this date might be tweaked for our continent.

UPDATE: The band have now confirmed over Twitter that the album will arrive March 18 in North America.

The 12-song tracklist is below and the album cover is above. The lead single is called "Coming of Age" and it's embedded at the bottom of this page. It's an atmospheric, mid-tempo pop number that builds up to a joyously soft-sung chorus.

Also below, see a short and cryptic album trailer featuring the same song.


1. Are You What You Want to Be

2. Ask Yourself

3. Coming of Age

4. Nevermind

5. Pseudologia Fantastica

6. The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones

7. Best Friend

8. A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon

9. Goats in Trees

10. The Truth

11. Fire Escape

12. Tabloid Super Junky