Former Hot Rod Circuit Drummer in Critical Condition After Stroke

Former Hot Rod Circuit Drummer in Critical Condition After Stroke
Dan Duggins is currently a member of modern rock quartet the Queen Killing Kings, but prior to that he made his name as the drummer for late '90s emo/indie rock hybrid the Hot Rod Circuit. The band existed from 1997 to 2007, and have since been busy with other projects. Sadly, Duggins was hospitalized following a stroke on Tuesday (April 27).

According to Canoe, Duggins is in intensive care after suffering a stroke relating to a blood clot in his neck. The source cites former Hot Rod Circuit band-mate Mike Poorman, who gave an update on his Facebook page.

 "[Duggins] is currently in a 'locked in' state in intensive care, which means that he cannot move and cannot communicate, except with eye movement," Poorman explains. "I've just read this morning that he moved his left foot on command, which is absolutely amazing, and definitely hopeful!"

 Since they're based in the United States, Duggins's career choice as a musician doesn't exactly translate into useful health insurance. As a result, Poorman has asked for donations of any kind. "His medical bills and living expenses during/after this will be through the roof," Poorman says. "If there are any of you out there that can donate to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Even a few dollars will help."

Poorman hasn't set up any kind of charitable donation status yet, but if you feel inclined to donate for Duggins's well-being you can probably get in touch with Poorman via his recording studio.