Former Heavy Blinkers Front-Man Emerges as Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory for New Full-Length

While Halifax's the Heavy Blinkers haven't given us much to work with recently, former co-front-man Andrew Watt is set to release his debut solo album on March 16. Watt, who departed from the orchestral-pop band in 2008, now leads Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory, and has supposedly channelled the sound of Brian Wilson in what a press release calls "an orchestral pop gem," titled First Day of Summer Life.

Throwing caution to the wind, Watt recruited three total strangers to work with on the making of this album. "I decided to blindly invite these strangers to come over to the studio and rehearse my album," says Watt in a statement. "It was a real gamble that has paid off."

No longer strangers, Watt's backing band are Halifax rock trio Glory Glory Man United. No word yet on any tour dates, but the band's first single "One Day At a Time" is available for download here.

First Day of Summer Life

1. "Prelude"
2. "Streets of Cologne"
3. "One Day at a Time"
4. "December Night"
5. "Time to be Still"
6. "London Town"
7. "Sweeping Away"
8. "Slow Goodbye"
9. "Chandelier in the Hall"
10. "First Day of Summer"