Former Arab Strap Front-man Aidan Moffat Offers Up A Special Treat For Valentine's Day

Former Arab Strap Front-man Aidan Moffat Offers Up A Special Treat For Valentine's Day
Aidan Moffat may have quit his day job in Arab Strap but that's hardly kept the surly Scot out of work. Not only did Moffat start up Aloha Hawaii with Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite and release the solo record I Can Hear Your Heart earlier this year but he's begun working on yet another project, which he's this time dubbing the Best Ofs.

In a recent interview with the Tennent's Mutual, Moffat described the Best Ofs not so much as a band but as "pretty much an open door - if you have a talent for something I require, I'll be happy to let you in." So far, the potty mouth has collaborated mostly with Stevie Jones (Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's band) and Alun Woodward (ex-Delgados), he said.

The potty mouth also revealed the outfit's debut, How to Get to Heaven from Scotland, will be out February 16 via Chemikal Underground in the UK and be preceded by a deluxe "Valentine's Day" box set on the 14th.

Why Valentine's Day? "Well, I hope it's a very romantic record and an excellent marketing ploy too," Moffat explains. "It will make a perfect gift for lovers everywhere, tucked in between the rose bouquets, heart-shaped Swiss chocolates and expensive, imported lingerie. Or, more likely, the novelty candy cocks and Ann Summers' edible thongs."

Included in the special Valentine's edition are a CD and LP version of the album, a seven-inch with covers of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" and Glen Campbell's "Love Is Not a Game," a five-track bonus EP, a How To Get to Heaven from Scotland board game and a Valentine's card from Mr. Moffat himself.

As far as post-album plans go, Moffat says: "I'm currently of the notion that I won't make a record with the same band or under the same name twice. My next album will most likely be one that I'm writing and recording with Bill Wells.

"I've also started a sequel to I Can Hear Your Heart but it won't be any kind of conventional music album so I don't think that falls under the new rules. I reserve the right to change my mind anyway."

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