Forma Line Up 'OFF/ON' for Spectrum Spools

Forma Line Up 'OFF/ON' for Spectrum Spools
In 2011, Spectrum Spools released Forma's self-titled album, which we praised for "striking that perfect balance between improvisation and structural precision." A year and a half later, and the Brooklyn-based Kraut-influenced trio are back with another LP for the cutting-edge electronic imprint.

The 10-track OFF/ON is due out November 12. According to an announcement from the label, the bulk of the tracks were recorded and mixed live in New York. A few cuts were subsequently touched up in Cleveland with Andrew Veres (who also mastered the album).

This record is said to be "darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive" than the outfit's previous LP. It "combines swirling arpeggiations, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed Motorik rhythms," varying between melodic moments and more shadowy passages. This internal tension is reflected by OFF/ON's title, in addition to the fissure shown on the album cover.

Go here to order a copy and read about the gear that Forma used when recording the album.


1. OFF
2. FORMA313
3. FORMA278
4. FORMA286B
5. FORMA306C
7. FORMA339/333
8. FORMA293
9. FORMA358
10. FORMA315