Forlorn Opus III - Ad Caelestis Res

Forlorn is also the name of one of Mindrot's greatest EPs; Opus III did an awesome cover of King Crimson's "I Talk To The Wind," back in '92; and ad caelestis res is Latin for "to heavenly matters." Plus, the cover art depicts a warrior leaping through a Stargate-type portal in outer space. Sound like a match made in doom/prog/stoner heaven? Not on your life, for this is just another faceless, Scandinavian black metal band. Forlorn rose from the ashes of cult Norwegian act 122 Stab Wounds; the cover art was indeed created by the same firm that worked with Tristania and the Sins, and they do play quality Viking metal in the style of Einherjer and Falkenbach. Take "Distant Worlds & Distant Moons" and "Legions Of The Empire" for example: typical blast-beat drumming and shredding riffage weave a moody atmosphere with the scream-y high-pitched growls surrendering to goth-y tenors throughout the tune. Unfortunately, the sameness and tinny underproduction cannot lift Forlorn from black metal's morass of mediocrity. (Napalm)