The Forgotten The Forgotten

Despite hammering out their reposed yet confident street punk for over a decade, the Forgotten haven’t released new material in six years. It was their best move, as it gave them time to stockpile one hell of a bank of songs. From the onset of opener "American Dreams” through "Streets Of Despair” to closer "The Endless Parade,” this 14-track eponymous offering is the band’s strongest yet. Continuing with their penchant for hooky verses propelled by solid 4/4 drumming and crunchy, simplistic guitars, virtually every one of these tracks is a rousing anthem for any crust, gutter or street punk. Channelling the spirit of late ’70s Britain, but with a touch more Rancid-esque melodic prowess (most likely thanks to producer Lars Frederiksen), these San Jose, CA natives unleash the greatest chant-along call-to-arms of their career.