​Forest Moon and 1000 Petal Lotus Drop "Shit to Me" Video

​Forest Moon and 1000 Petal Lotus Drop 'Shit to Me' Video
Zane Coppard may be known to West Coast music fans for his work in Smash Boom Pow, not to mention drumming gigs with Dralms, Louise Burns, Girlfriends and Boyfriends and Layten Kramer, but his latest team-up hears him donning the moniker 1000 Petal Lotus and co-producing a new EP with Victoria rapper Forest Moon.
The 1000 Trees mixtape is being given a release party on February 25 at Victoria's Upside Studios, but first, Exclaim! is giving you the first look at the video for fresh cut "Shit to Me."
The track is an ode trusting oneself that hears the rapper telling haters they "don't mean shit to me." The accompanying clip finds Forest Moon marching through the streets of Vancouver, spitting bars about "existential realizations, feeling destitute on the dancefloor and his trusty kush-drenched Patagonia sweater."
You can get the very first look at the "Shit to Me" video down below.