The Foreshadowing Days of Nothing

The Foreshadowing’s earliest tendrils reach a decade back in time but Days of Nothing is the band’s first, eerily mesmerising release. Approaching the union of goth metal and doom as a duet between flowing melody and propulsive aggression, the Foreshadowing make the most of the counterpoint and its emotional potency. Imagine Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan deciding to record a metal album after listening to My Dying Bride and you’ll have an idea how this tragic yet uplifting collection of songs takes shape. Heartrending serenades and sweeping musical phrases have devastatingly sorrowful effects, offering the catharsis that comes from wallowing in depression rather than working out aggression. If Days of Nothing has a fault, it’s that it becomes almost too darkly hypnotic — the differences between songs start to get lost in the overwhelming gloom. That is until repeated listening reveals a compelling complexity underneath the smooth, if forbidding, surface. (Candlelight)