Forensics On A Bridge Atop The Heap of Friends Who Jumped

This three-song, 13-minute EP from ex-members of Virginia luminaries Corn on Macabre, Pg. 99 and Burning Airlines may be just be a tease for now, but it’s also a taste of the potentially great things to come from this band. Forensics are a different beast than any of its members previous affairs, especially the furious grind of singer/guitarist Brent Eyestone’s now defunct Corn on Macabre. Forensics ply an equally heavy sound though that can recall the opaque oppression of Isis or Neurosis’s doom one minute before jumping into a more relaxed Southern feel the next while straight up cold rockin’ it with subtle moments contrasting the heaviness ("Boat Day At The Marina”). Brent’s vocals are of the broken, scream-y variety, working well with Forensics’ varying sonic assault but moments of clean singing would only highlight some of Forensics’ restrained moments. Regardless, On A Bridge is irrefutable proof that given time, Forensics will deliver something special. (Magic Bullet)