The Foreign Resort The Foreign Resort

One day, four dudes from Copenhagen, Denmark decided to take shoegaze and new wave and smash them together. They formed the Foreign Resort and on their latest EP, they've gotten it right. On this self-titled EP, there are swirls of reverb, typically '80s pulsating bass and enough dark lyrics and hues to make Robert Smith proud. "Colleen" keeps the doom and gloom minimal, allowing for the melody and intricate guitar work to shine through. Things get spacey after that, as the build-ups and crashes of "Orange Glow" are littered with sci-fi-sounding synth lines. The Foreign Resort can become melancholic, when required, as the robotic drumming and gliding chords of "Heart Breaks Down" pull listeners into a lethargic state. The Foreign Resort don't ever do anything wrong, they just don't necessarily shock and amaze, but if you like shoegaze, and '80s alternative, you are in for a good time with this EP. (Monolathe)