Fordirelifesake A Daydream Disaster

When Fordirelifesake aren’t dicking around, they’re amazing. Their heavily melodic concoctions continuously cross the lines between metalcore, emo, and hardcore, and when they rip, they really rip. Songs like "Insecurities Securing Tragedy” are unstoppable in their heart-attack rhythms and soaring breakdowns. What holds the band back, however, is their love of atmospherics and interludes. In the right hands, such musical devices can create a truly complete listening experience, but in incapable ones, they more often than not result in throwaway tracks and an extra two minutes on just about every song. Thankfully, this collection is comprised of rare and out-of-print tracks, meaning the potential for musical wanking is greatly lessened. That is not to say it doesn’t exist, as one need look no further than the very second song, "Acoustic Instrumental”, to realise this fact. Yet the strong tracks here are unbelievable, making the experience worthwhile. (Thorp!)