The Force of Sa-Ra Creative Partners

The Force of <b>Sa-Ra Creative Partners</b>
"We're the only thing that can be compared to Funkadelic in this new era, in this new shit," says Om'Mas Keith of the Sa-Ra Creative Partners. "We got the freak. We really got it." On Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love, the latest album from Keith and his co-conspirators Taz Arnold and Shafiq Husayn, the inspiration of Clinton is evident, even as the trio continues to forge its own funky path. "We look to our elders to bring forth the knowledge, to bring forth the wisdom so that we can be better people," says Keith. "Our contemporaries are just that; on a lateral plane alongside us interacting on an ethereal and creative level. However, going back to the masses we will always give you the truth of life. You have to know. We're not old school, though. We're the future."

Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love sees the trio of music industry veterans making good on the raw promise of their self-dubbed brand of "afro-electronic magnetic spiritualism" they've been purveying since their cosmically offbeat "Glorious" single dropped back in 2004. This time, they're joined by an eclectic cast: Erykah Badu, futuristic soul duo J*Davey and acclaimed jazz saxophonist Gary Bartz help tap into virtually the entire spectrum of black music. "Motherfuckers know when you come up in our world it's about being free, it's about being cool, it's about being fly," says Keith. "Who doesn't want to be free, cool and fly? Come on baby!