For Today Ekklesia

I’ll be the first to admit that I often have preconceived notions about albums with, um, "interesting” cover art, despite the occasional pleasant surprise that awaits inside. For Today’s Ekklesia is one such album. Though I think this band could far exceed what they’ve served up on this go around, it is everything a good metalcore album should be. The guitar work demands your attention, the bass lines move everything along and the drums act as the backbone for the whole musical assault, all while complementing Mattie’s vocals nicely. What is particularly worthy of mention is the band’s uplifting lyrics and dedication towards "the big JC.” It’s been done before but it’s always pleasant to hear a positive message weaving through metalcore songs, or any songs, really. Ekklesia is a hearty dose of positivity and heart-pounding fun. It will be interesting to see what their next album brings forth. (Facedown)