For the Mathematics The New Science

You can almost hear the thought process between each note of For the Mathematics’s intricate blend of psychedelia, post-punk, math rock, and Latin rhythms. On paper it sounds like a strange mix, but when this music plays it’s an experience. This debut EP by the Ottawa five-piece is a highly intelligent creation of complex percussion, layers of ragged guitars, and anthemic vocals. In FTM’s short career (they formed in 2003), the band have drawn comparisons to the Mars Volta and early At the Drive-In, but they have created a something that stands on its own entirely. Self-proclaimed "functionally insane music nerds,” FTM truly care about the creation of each of their songs. For this release they wanted to achieve organic sounds, and to keep it distinct recorded on a 16-track tape machine that was used during the late ’60s at New York City’s Columbia Studios. Their efforts don’t go unnoticed — each song here is epic and holds its own beauty, creativity, and profundity amidst caustic outbursts and fitful eruptions. (Independent)