Football, ETC.


Football, ETC.Disappear
Houston based emo revivalists Football, etc. have delivered a steadfast tribute to their predecessors with their latest EP, Disappear. Similar to other modern minimalist acts such as Petal and Tigers Jaw, the band stay true to their '90s sound, echoing subtleties cemented in the genre by bands like Mineral and American Football.
Although this EP doesn't tamper with the tried and true formula, it's very well constructed, and a good demonstration of the range of sounds the band are capable of creating. All of the songs feature airy, floating vocals and beautifully layered guitar lines, but "Sunday" and "Receive" are of a livelier pace, employing more upbeat melodies than the others. "Sweep" and "Open" both employ slower tempos and more melancholic nuances, adding strings to the arrangement to occasionally heighten the emotional effect, although the former comes off as slightly bland due to the vocals lingering in a singular melodic pocket.
Football, etc. do not attempt anything radically new or different here, but their intention is clear and their delivery is solid. (Count Your Lucky Stars)
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