Fool's Gold to 'Leave No Trace' This August

Fool's Gold to 'Leave No Trace' This August
Things have changed in the Fool's Gold camp since releasing their self-titled debut in 2009. Back then, the L.A.-based island disco band presented themselves as a massive collective, with the membership hovering around the 12- to 15-person mark. Following a number of tours, the group have decided to thin their ranks a bit, but the band's upcoming album proves to be no less funky.

A press release explains that Fool's Gold have been whittled down to a five-piece for their newly announced sophomore set, Leave No Trace. The album still twists layers of deep soul onto hooky beats, Afrobeat sax work and English-style synthwave, but it's said to be more "confident, focused and much more personal" than their debut. You can watch a trailer for the disc below.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that while much of Fool's Gold was sung in Hebrew, Leave No Trace finds bassist/vocalist Luke Top crooning in English. While his Hebrew-based lyrics were plenty personal, switching to English opens up his feelings and thoughts to a wider audience.

"He knew he had to express them as clearly as possible, both to himself and to the listener, in English," the statement explains of the swap.

Leave No Trace will be released August 16 on IAMSOUND.

Leave No Trace:

1. "The Dive"
2. "Wild Window"
3. "Street Clothes"
4. "Leave No Trace"
5. "Balmy"
6. "Narrow Sun"
7. "Tel Aviv"
8. "Mammal"
9. "Bark and Bite"
10. "Lantern"