Foo Fighters Set New Album for November Release

Foo Fighters Set New Album for November Release
Though it's still unclear exactly when Dave Grohl's Sonic Highways TV series for HBO will get its premiere, it looks as if Foo Fighters' accompanying album will hit our ears in full this November.

While song specifics have yet to be revealed, a press release confirms that the LP arrives in November through Roswell/RCA. As previously reported, the eight songs on the album will be taken from the band's experiences in Sonic Highways, in which they travel to a series of U.S. studios to record. Additionally, Grohl will tell the story of each studio during the individual episodes.

A new Hollywood Reporter interview with Grohl had him explaining that the Foos are trying all sorts of things "we've never done before" for the album, with the songwriter hinting at longer songs, horn sections and more.

"I want to say that it's only eight songs but I think it might be our longest record because, as I was writing these songs, I had to take a cinematic approach," Grohl said. "Like I couldn't just write a three-and-a-half-minute long KROQ jingle and film it for the finale of an episode about the history of music in New Orleans, ya know? We really had to step up what we do. The music is a progression or an evolution for sure, but it's a Foo Fighters record."

In addition to previously reported contributors to the set, including Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, the Eagles' Joe Walsh and Kiss's Paul Stanley, other artists now revealed to be attached to Sonic Highways include country singer Carrie Underwood and Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes.

You can check out the recent trailer for the series down below.