Foo Fighters Bringing Their Documentary to U.S. Cinemas

Foo Fighters Bringing Their Documentary to U.S. Cinemas
Back in January, we found out about an upcoming Foo Fighters documentary that would provide an overview of the alt-rockers' long and fabled career, but we didn't exactly know when we would get to see it. Well, call the sitters and get ready for popcorn because the band have just announced it will be coming to a theatre near you.

The feature-length doc, Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, is set to premiere at South by Southwest next week, but just in case you won't be in Austin for that first screening, you will be glad to know that the band plan to show the flick in 80 theatres on April 5.

As if that weren't enough, following the documentary, a live Foos gig will be broadcast into your cinema of choice. The concert will find the band playing their new album Wasting Light in its entirety.

It has yet to be decided which theatres will take part in the event, but fans can vote here for the movie house nearest to them to participate. Bad news for us Canadians though: the closest joints are either in Washington or Montana. Road trip, anyone?

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