Foo Fighters "These Days" (video)

Foo Fighters 'These Days' (video)
Straight out the gates, Foo Fighters' new video for Wasting Light cut "These Days" shows how much the concert landscape has changed the last few decades with a shot of thousands of fans hoisting their phones up high instead of old Bic lighters. Despite the cultural difference, the clip is a pretty standard, if heartwarming, tour montage.

You get a couple shots of Dave Grohl hugging his wife and kids before taking off on a Foos trip Down Under (the same trip that caused those seismic tremors), and you get a behind-the-scenes look at how the tour went down. This includes some soundcheck clips, Nate Mendel playing bass in a bathrobe and some texting. Of course, there's also footage of the Foos rocking out onstage.

It's not an essential addition to their videography (its no "Everlong" or "Learn to Fly"), but it's a good gauge of how hard-working Grohl and co. still are after all these years.

Check out the video for "These Days" below.

UPDATE: Sorry, guys, the vid has been pulled off YouTube, but you can still watch it here.