Fonda Catching Up To The Future

Fonda’s career has really been blossoming lately. They’ve had songs appear in various TV shows and movies, so it really would seem that the momentum is such that their third album is going to be the one that turns them into the band on everyone’s lips. There’s no doubt that Fonda are a very easy band to listen to and even like just a little bit. Their pop songs are light, breezy and catchy, and there’s a real familiarity to many of their songs. They sound like Lush towards the end of their career, with a spattering of other bands such as the Cardigans, Dressy Bessy and the Mighty Lemon Drops (whose founder David Newton is a member of Fonda and produced the album). Unfortunately by the end of Catching Up To The Future, one of the only names that won’t have entered into your head is that of Fonda. By taking elements from so many other artists, Fonda are lacking their own identity and every single song leads to comparison rather than acceptance for what they are — so very derivative. Fonda are the perfect radio band because one song in complete isolation makes them sound a lot better than digesting an entire album in one sitting. Catching Up To The Future does have a few really good songs and nothing that could be described as terrible, but Fonda really do need to find their own niche instead of desperately trying to fit into everyone else’s. (Hidden Agenda)