Folie Eyepennies

Stefan Thor follows up his critically acclaimed first disc Misspass with an equally laudable work, apparently built from sounds generated by his two-year-old daughter. Circuitry marries the minimal pop trance of (Mitek label boss) Mikael Stavöstrand with the decaying dub experiments of Pole or Deadbeat. The result sounds a little like a micro-house hangover. Like Stavöstrand, Thor manages to unerringly work out the point where too little morphs into just enough in beat oriented electronics. By marrying a pregnant melody line to the trance-derived repetition of dry rhythm, a highly kinetic space for the many and varied intermediate sounds is created. The familiar clicks, pops and beat-trailing echoes are present with subtle and slight genetic mutation detected. Those who mourn the passing of Mille Plateaux and Force Inc. will be able to put away their sackcloth and ashes for a while. (Mitek)