Foe Arm Yourself With Clairvoyance

Every so often, an unknown band pops up and starts craning necks. Fortunately for London’s jazzy instrumentalists Foe, they are firmly ensconced in the neo-math-metal subgenre where all King Crimson fanatics are appreciated. The opener "Bloodmoss” sounds like a Dysrhythmia cover, but "Tialys And Salmakia” (with its keen reference to Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass) more readily references Biblical Proof Of UFOs with its jaunty rock time signatures. Immortalising Prong/Godflesh super drummer, "Ted Parsons (And How To Live It)” is more deliberate in showcasing the trio’s tightness, especially how drummer Paul Westwood drives the band to arresting precision. The one minute foray "It’s Been A Hard Year For Mr David Cyberman” ends just as it’s getting started, but the pleasing technical smack down of "Triangulator” leans more toward the mathcore of Botch and the Dillinger Escape Plan, though without any distractions of scream-y vocals or blast beat nonsense. Bassist Crawford Blair leads the pack in "Wasp-eating Bulldog,” a stellar cut with Crimson-esque guitar runs and a Pink Floyd-ian interlude of disembodied voice samples and spindly ambience, while "Pick On God For A Good Laugh” piles on the prog-core for a stunning finale. A less metal Craw without vocals, Arm Yourself With Clairvoyance is sure to please even the most jaded Champs fan. (House Of Stairs)