Foals Dismiss Their Album As "Flawed"

Foals Dismiss Their Album As "Flawed"
It's not every day you meet a band that pan their highly acclaimed, chart-topping album, but it appears Oxford mathletes Foals are doing just that months after its release. Not since the Beta Band dismissed their self-titled album as "fucking awful" have a band distanced themselves from their record so quickly, but it appears Foals want to forget about their debut and move on.

Speaking with BBC 6 Music, front-man Yannis Philippakis dissed his band's new album, Antidotes, saying it sounds flawed to their ears. "We don't feel like Antidotes was an insurmountable record by any means. To us it sounds flawed. We just wanna make a different record."

Looking forward to their follow-up, Yannis shared some ideas they have in mind, adding: "I think it will be better because we're older and we understand a lot more about music. I think it's gonna have bigger contrasts in it than the first record, and we've been messing around with a lot of ambiance and echoes and I think we wanna make something that's a bit lusher."

As far as a producer for the record goes, they won't be knocking on the door of TV On the Radio's David Sitek, who produced Antidotes. According to the band "we don't really feel like we've found the one person to work with."

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