Flying Nun Revisits First-Ever Signing the Pin Group

Flying Nun Revisits First-Ever Signing the Pin Group
Last year, New Zealand's Flying Nun Records celebrated its 30th year in the business with reissues and anniversary shows. And while those celebrations now may be a thing of the past, the label's excellent retrospective releases are not. This means that we'll soon be getting a compilation from Flying Nun's first-ever signing, the early-'80s band the Pin Group.

The collection is called Ambivalence, which is appropriate enough, since the seven-inch single for that track was the first Flying Nun release. The compilation will be available in vinyl, CD and digital formats on July 31.

The first 12 tracks here are the same as those that appeared on Siltbreeze's 1997 compilation Retrospective. The next eight are live tracks, making for a total of 20 tunes. If you were looking for the ultimate career overview of this noisy and influential (yet very short-lived) Kiwi pop outfit, this definitely will do the trick.

Bruce Russell of the Dead C (another classic Flying Nun act) wrote in a statement, "Now you too have the chance to experience the Pin Group's irresistible blend of the puritanical with the libidinal -- wrapped in a point-perfect distillation of proto-hipster psychedelic reference-points from the dawn of post-modernity."


1. Jim
2. Ambivalence
3. Coat
4. Long Night
5. Columbia
6. Hurricane Fighter Plane
7. Power
8. Ambivalence 2
9. When I Tell You
10. A Thousand Sins
11. Low Rider
12. Coat 2
13. Jim (Live)
14. Ambivalence (Live)
15. Power (Live)
16. Assassin (Live)
17. Blood of Christ (Live)
18. Columbia (Live)
19. Coat (Live)
20. Hurricane Fighter Plane (Live)