The Flying Museum Band Dufferin Succotash

On the surface, this Brampton, ON five-piece seem like just another in the ever-growing field of young bands turning to country rock as a means of escaping the tedium of the suburbs. But what the Flying Museum Band offer on their third disc is nine tracks that are more preoccupied with conveying heart and humour rather than authentic country chops. Combined with the album's decidedly lo-fi recording approach, the overall effect is akin to the clubhouse charm of Bob Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes. It's hard not to smile at the sentiments of songs like "Mount St. Louis Moonstone" and "Frank Sinatra's Lamborghini," while "The Ballad of Louis Riel" is a nice encapsulation of Chester Brown's groundbreaking historical graphic novel about the controversial Canadian hero. Dufferin Succotash certainly isn't polished, but like any mutt without a home, it's hard to turn it away from your door. (Independent)