Flying Lotus / My Man Henri Babylon, Ottawa, ON July 10

Rising Warp Records star Flying Lotus rocked Babylon for a hefty two hours, armed only with his laptop, a mixer and a mile-wide grin. Lotus's set was accompanied by a pair of monitors displaying bizarre visuals ranging from clips from Atari games to Hulk Hogan performing suplexes. His enthusiasm was infectious, as the producer, born Steven Ellison, mixed highlights from last year's year-end-list-topping Los Angeles with newer tracks and a even handful of stellar homemade remixes.

Even Los Angeles's quieter tracks translated surprisingly well into party-rockers, while Lotus cranked the bass to mind-numbing levels and added layer upon layer of clattering, neck-snapping percussion. "Parisian Goldfish" was a particular standout, hitting the floor with an explosion of cowbells, whirring synths and commanding bass. The remixes received the most response from the audience, though, particularly Ellison's airy revamp of Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" and a thunderous remix of "I Can't Help It," a track that came in tribute to recently deceased Michael Jackson.

And while Lotus didn't say much during his set, he didn't need to, as the crowd followed his every move with wide-eyed wonder. Blurring the lines between forward-thinking hip hop, dubstep and electronica, Lotus's music kept the floor packed, with that of opener My Man Henri doing the same. His selection complemented Lotus's sound nicely and kept the place live for the set's duration.

And despite the fairly small turnout, the crowd was completely enraptured by Lotus's hypnotic set. All were united in collective motion, a single unified head nod. Lotus was all smiles as he bowed to the appreciative audience, leaving the club-goers positively spilling over with good vibes.