Flying Lotus Lines Up L.A. EP 3 X 3

Flying Lotus Lines Up <i>L.A. EP 3 X 3</i>
At long last, glitch-hop maestro Flying Lotus has worked out all the details of his third and final instalment in the L.A. EP series. Via Warp, the seven-track release is due out July 20, and like the previous two volumes, will be pressed on some very limited twelve-inch wax and put out as a digital download.

Along with an array of remixes of tracks off Flying Lotus's downright awesome '08 album, Los Angeles, the EP will come packing two new productions, "Endless White" and "Spin Cycles." Pre-orders have already begun over here, so if you want a copy you better get on it.

In more Flying Lotus news, that DJ-Kicks comp is still reportedly in the works, but as we previously reported, we're still going to have to wait for Burial to come out of hiding and finish off his instalment first. Unfortunately, there are no release dates for either mix. Flying Lotus also has a few live events going down overseas, and you can get info on those here.

Here are the tracks on L.A. EP 3 X 3:

A1. "Infinitum" (Dimlite's Re-finitum)
A2. "Comet - MatthewDavid"
A3. "Endless White"
B1. "Parisian Goldfish" (Take Remix)
B2. "Spin Cycles"
B3. "Testament "(Breakage's Bill's Suit Mix)
B4. "Auntie's Harp" (Rebekah Raff Remix)