Flying Lotus Confirms Release Date and Thom Yorke Collaboration for New Album

Flying Lotus Confirms Release Date and Thom Yorke Collaboration for New Album
Masterful Los Angeles beat-maker Flying Lotus released his incredible Cosmogramma in 2010, and it was an album that we eventually named our best electronic release of the year. With that in mind, we've been waiting for signs of a follow-up. Now, many new details have emerged.

Earlier this year, the producer born Steve Ellison revealed that the album will be called Until the Quiet Comes and would be out "in like October or some shit." Now, speaking with Rolling Stone, he's confirmed that it will indeed drop on October 2. While he hasn't named a label, it'll most likely arrive via his longtime home at Warp.

If you're wondering why he's remained so quiet for the better part of the last two years, Ellison explained why he wants his music to be experienced through official releases.

"If I were to drop mixtapes, I'd have so many," he said. "My fear of doing that is that my story wouldn't come across, and that the albums would become diluted in a way. At the end of the day, I want to look back on all my releases and be really happy about them. I'd rather my catalogue be tight, of the things that I really, really feel."

In addition to the release date, Ellison confirmed that the album will once again feature a collaboration with Thom Yorke, who first appeared on the Cosmogramma track "...And the World Laughs with You."

"I definitely respect what he's up to," Ellison said of Yorke. "But the biggest surprise to me in getting to know him is that he's a funny guy. He's the jokey one."