Flying Lotus "Mister Murky Socks"

Flying Lotus 'Mister Murky Socks'
A lovingly generous Soundcloud contributor, Flying Lotus has just let loose another rarity. This time, it's an alternate mix of his Los Angeles track "Roberta Flack" that has been renamed "Mister Murky Socks."

At two minutes, this track is brief, but it's packed with ideas from crackly drums, a solid organ lead and fuzzy atmospherics in the back. The fact that FlyLo is seemingly sitting on all kinds of weird rarities that are this good is starting to make our brains hurt.

Check out "Mister Murky Socks" below. Thanks to 2dopeboyz for the tip.

Flying Lotus - mister murky socks ///// LOS ANGELES ALT take mix2 by Flyinglotus