Florence and the Machine Readies Full-Length Debut

Florence and the Machine Readies Full-Length Debut
Following some major props in her native England, singer-songwriter-type Florence and the Machine is entering full-length mode. Come summertime, this Florence Welch-run project will drop the freshly dubbed debut LP Lungs via Island, with hotshot producers James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) and Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Friendly Fires) both manning the boards.

The full-length will follow a series of singles and the project's upcoming (and recently reviewed) twelve-inch EP A Lot of Love, A lot of Blood, which is due out in North America on April 28. And while Welch hasn't gone into a lot of detail on what we can expect from Florence and the Machine's Lungs, she has explained a bit about that title.

While talking to BBC 6Music, Welch explained: "I just sort of thought of it and I was like that's what it's gonna be called. There's something about machine lungs and it reminds me of iron lungs. It's physical, but also when you're a singer it's all about controlling your lungs and they become part of your body's machinery.

"It's all about controlling your air and they're so central to singing. I've just become really obsessed with them as an image but also they're kind of weird and fleshy. They're all over the place."

According to Amazon, the UK should see Lungs' release on July 6, but as of yet, there is no word of a North American release. There's also no sign yet of a tracklisting, but we do know what's on the twelve-inch.

A Lot of Love, A lot of Blood:

A1. "Dog Days Are Over"
A2. "Kiss With a Fist"
B1. "You've Got the Love"
B2. "Hospital Beds"
B3. "Dog Days Are Over" (An Optimo [Espacio] Mix)