Florence and the Machine "Lover to Lover" (video)

Florence and the Machine 'Lover to Lover' (video)
After covering Drake, Florence and the Machine has returned to promoting original material by releasing a new video for "Lover to Lover," the next single from 2011's wildly successful Ceremonials.

The clip isn't as extravagant or bizarre as the one for previous track "No Light, No Light," but instead delivers a performance video. We also get a decidedly different version of the tune than what appears on the album, letting frontwoman Florence Welch show off her soulful vocals over more stripped-down instrumentation.

Welch is undoubtedly the star of this clip, but we have to kudos to the harp player too because let's face it, harps have been a little underrepresented in music videos lately.

Watch the video for Florence and the Machine's "Lover to Lover" below.